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Fair Chance Employment

The application for state and local government jobs in Louisiana should not inquire into criminal records. Instead, this inquiry should come at the interview stage, where the applicant has the chance to explain the record, provide context, and offer proof of rehabilitation. This would ensure all have a fair chance at being considered for the state or local government job.

Nineteen other states have already enacted such policies for government jobs, and several large corporations have voluntarily chosen to do so as well, including Target, Wal-Mart, and Koch Industries.

This policy would not require any state or local government to hire a particular applicant, nor would it prevent a state or local government employer from conducting a background check. It would merely prevent a criminal record from being an automatic bar to consideration for employment, and delay the inquiry into the criminal record until the applicant can explain it fully. Further, this policy would apply only to state and local government jobs, not to private entities.